In a WA first, Albany will be running a new skating and wellbeing program. Proudly sponsored by Healthway the Act-Belong-Commit Skate Like a Girl program is specifically designed for girls aged 12-17 to come and learn to roller skate in a female-only space.  Girls can join at any time and come for one session to try it out or all of the term.


What is it?

It’s a roller skating program with bonus stuff like health, wellbeing, mental health and info chucked in. We have partnered with headspace Albany, Population Health and Youth Focus health to deliver info to young people.

What happens?

You come along each week and learn new roller skate skills, we throw in some guest speakers (and make them skate too) you can learn in a girl only space where you can challenge yourself with skating as well as have a laugh.

Do I sign up for all year?

If you are super keen! But we ask that you register for one term (8-9 weeks) that match up with school terms.

Is it roller derby?

A little bit, but not 100% Many of the skills will work for roller derby, but we also learn basics of skating, roller hockey and some other fun things on skates too

What to I wear?

What ever you’re comfy in, shirt, leggings, sports stuff, track pants…doesn’t matter.

Why just girls?

Research has shown that girls are more comfortable trying new sports in girl only environments, so we are creating safe spaces for girls to try sports in a female positive space.

Who is the coach?

You get coaches Stax, Splats and Lethal, who are qualified Skate Victoria Coaches, have First Aid and know some stuff about wheely shoes

What if I get hurt?

We get some insurance paid ($20 per year) when you sign up and this covers most serious stuff. Coaches have First Aid qualifications and anything more we call your parent or carers to help.

What day is it on

Thursdays 5-6pm at the Track 300 Roundhay Rd

Why is it FREE?

We where super lucky to get dollars from Healthway, this means apart from Insurance you don’t have to pay a cent! AND you can hire skate gear from us! FREE FREE FREE

Do I have to come each week?

It’s best too, but if you miss a session, no drama.

How do I sign up?

Contact us!