Referees and Non-Skating Officials (NSO)

Roller Derby referees can be any sex but must be over 18 years.  They can wear either quad skates (like the derby players) or inline skates/blades. When officiating a bout referees wear black and white stripes, hence being dubbed Team Zebra.

If you are wishing to become a Referee with ARDL, you will still need to participate in the Fresh Meat program.  After you complete this you join ‘Team Zebra’ and learn more about the rules and required referee skills.  Some people prefer this role as it involves less contact and injuries.

Roller Derby bouts and scrimmages need Non-Skating Officials to help run the bout.  They time penalties, keep score, blow whistles and keep track of all the finer details of the bout.  Perfect for people who love roller derby but aren’t able to skate.

To train to be an NSO you are required to come to some on-skates session and participate in specialised workshops for NSO’s and Referees.