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Junior Roller Skate


Junior Roller Skate is proudly sponsored by Bendigo Bank

Junior Roller Skate is a fun learning environment for children and young people aged 7-17 to learn roller skating skills. This is a gender inclusive program. We use the Skate Stars model from Skate Australia and progress children up through different levels of skating skills, as they are ready. REGISTER HERE

What will I learn?

Basic roller skating skills of skating forward, backwards, jumps and falling safely. You will learn some fun tricks and there will be time for some games too.

Do I come every week?

You can attend occasionally or might like to come every week. It is $80 for the term (school terms) and $10 per session if you come casually.

Will it be roller derby?

Not all the time, many of the skills are similar and we need to start at the beginning with basic skills (just like adults). We will gauge interest from the kids and their families if they wish to progress to Roller Derby specific training.

Who can come?

Any gender is welcome and ages 7-17. Check out our website for other programs and events for other ages.

Who is coaching my child?

All our coaches hold:

  • Community Coaching Principles (Australian Sports Commission)
  • Skate Victoria Level 1 Skate Coach
  • First Aid
  • Working With Children Check.

Do you have concession rates?

We don’t. We are however registered with KidSport, so if you are eligible you can get up to $200 off your membership fees. We also have roller skates for FREE hire in the Junior program, reducing the cost barriers for kids and their families.

Why do parents have to be a member?

We like to have parent and carer involvement at all levels of the league and value your input into your child’s sport. Associate membership (or General membership) is required at a cost of $15 per term. Membership gives you a vote on all Albany Roller Derby League issues and you can have your say about league directions and plans.

What does my child need to bring?

  • Helmet
  • Safety gear (wrist guards, knee pads and elbow pads)
  • Water bottle
  • Clothing that is comfy

What if they get hurt?

We require all Juniors to have Skate WA Insurance at $50 per year, we suggest families look at ambulance cover also. Coaches are qualified to administer first aid if required.

What is Skate Stars?

This exciting Skate Australia program has been specifically designed to provide a smooth and safe progression through the skills that are required to become a competent and successful roller skater.

Within each STAR LEVEL is a range of skills that the skater must learn in order to achieve the Star and move on to the next level. Following the completion of all five levels the skater will be able to smoothly transition into any of the chosen skate sports and on their way to becoming a star!

Where is it on?

All sessions are held at The Track 300 Roundhay Rd (off Lower Denmark Rd)