How do I play?


If you are new to roller derby, or maybe haven’t put on skates for many many years you will need to go through our Fresh Meat program.  The program teaches you basic roller derby skills.  Unlike other sports, roller derby follows an international skills assessment.  This ensures safety and uniformity across the world.  So the roller derby you play in Albany is the same rules and standards as you play from New York to Dubai.  This also mean we don’t let you stick on some skates one day, then play roller derby the next.

It takes most people 12 -18 months to progress through each level to be cleared to play against others.  It takes time and dedication to the sport but everyone agrees it is worth all the time and energy

If you have played before we welcome people transferring to our league too.


ARDL require all skaters to fully protect themselves with safety equipment.
You are responsible for purchasing, maintaining and replacing, your gear as required; ensuring it is in safe working order.
Items that are essential for you to own, wear and maintain are:
Mouth guard
Wrist pads
Elbow pads
Knee pads
Quad skates

We highly recommend checking out these great stores to purchase new gear.
Lucky Skates
Sydney Derby Skates
These stores have packs which contain all you’ll need to start derby training.


The main expense is for skates and safety gear, which you will need before training starts. Skates start at $200 and safety gear about $200.

ARDL membership fee’s are $65 per month and we occasionally charge extra for one off guest workshops.  You will also require insurance which is currently supplied by SkateWA at $65 per year for developing skaters.
There are  heaps of ways to get secondhand gear just ask us at ARDL if you want some help finding pre-loved gear.

*all prices accurate  2017