First game for 2018!

Roller Derby is back for 2018!

The first game of the year held in Albany and at the new home of Roller Derby in the Great Southern The Track

Albany ‘Great Southern Breakers’ will host the game against the Margaret River ‘Cabernet Savages’ on April 14 at The Track with doors open at 6.30 and first whistle at 7 pm.  The last time these two teams saw each other it was a close game with a hard-fought final few jams.  Albany is looking to play hard and take the win for Albany.

Tickets are available here 

With a smaller venue than previous games, it is sure to be a sellout last years games attracting 500 people! So be sure to get in quick for your ticket.  There will be local food vendor Cultcha Kitchen attending as well as a snack bar and cake stall for all your food needs.  there is trackside seating available so bring your cushion, bean bag or snuggie to sit up close to the action! (Over 18 only)

The VIP area is up on the mezzanine floor that will give spectators a spectacular view down on the game to see all the hits, misses and amazing action of Roller Derby.  Sponsors of the league have VIP tickets but there are some available to the public also.  The mezzanine is an 18+ area.

For any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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