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Come along and watch Albany take on Margaret River!

The Great Southern Breakers from Albany take on the Cabernet Savages from Margaret River in a live roller derby game right here in Albany.  Get along to the fast paced and strategic game on skates as well as supporting the local team and women in sport.

Prizes on the night for BEST DRESSED and BEST SIGN we also have a raffle and kids table to keep them busy. Kids games at half time and loads of fun to have! Market stalls and hot food are available so you can grab some snacks before during or at half time. Albany Roller Derby merch is available Tshirts, stickers, stubby holder and MORE!! There are EFTPOS facilities at the front of ALAC as well as a machine at the bar, Cash is always welcome though.




What IS Roller Derby?

Roller Derby is a fast and full contact sport on roller skates, where players utilise strategy, speed and strength to score points by passing opposing players. The rules are simple, watch the Jammer, who has a star cover on their helmet, pass the opposition and they score a point for each person. The other players on the track are called Blockers and their goal is to stop any points being scored by the opposition jammer.

I used to love watching roller derby on TV! Is it like that?

Yes and no. The fast-paced action, body checks, and whip assists are all still very much part of the game. However, flat track roller derby rules and the different physics of skating on a flat surface, versus a banked track, make the strategies and game play very different. Also, in its later years, televised roller derby was staged, like WWE-style wrestling. Flat track roller derby is a legitimate sport, and the hits, spills, and competition are all 100 percent real.

I bet you throw a lot of elbows, right?

Not unless a skater wants to spend some quality time in the penalty box! To keep the game play safe and competitive, there are rules governing how and when players can make contact with each other. Throwing elbows, pushing or tripping opposing skaters, and “clothes-lining” opponents by linking arms with your teammate are among the prohibited actions that can send skaters to the penalty box. Like other sports, more serious offences like fighting or intentional tripping can get a skater kicked out of the game.

So what are you allowed to do?

There are still plenty of ways a blocker can send her opponent into the suicide seats! The legal contact zone is between the shoulders and the mid-thigh. While it is legal for a skater to initiate a block with her back or booty, it is illegal to hit an opposing skater in the back. Check out the full WFTDA rules.



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