Albany Roller Derby League will be hosting a weekend of training and development for officials involved in Roller Derby on July 1st and 2nd. The event is designed for all skaters and officials to get a jam-packed course in officiating Roller Derby. Three coaches and Officials are heading to Albany for the weekend event that will involve over 30 participants from Albany and regional WA.

The Saturday workshops for Referees and Non-Skating Officials will help to give participants a solid understanding of the updated international rule set. A Sunday morning scrimmage match where the Referees and Non-Skating Officials can put all they have learned into action. During a game of roller derby, 7 Referees are on skates as well as 9 Non-Skating Officials whose job is to time and track line-ups of players, count penalties on players and score keeping. Much like basketball, the referees have specific hand signals and penalty names to call, they do this while skating and keeping pace with the pack of skaters.

ARDL President Splatalie said, “The sport of roller derby is fast paced and high action, which means that penalties and player changes are fast and the official’s job is to keep everyone in line and make the game fair and controlled as possible.” With the league growing in skills and in numbers Albany Roller Derby is making sure our officials up to date with rules and gameplay.



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There is growing interest and positive feedback about the blossoming roller derby activities in the Great Southern with ARDL experiencing large growth in the past year not only in member numbers but also in depth of skills in the players. The recent roller derby games held in Albany have filled to capacity and have shown what a highly athletic and dynamic sport roller derby is.

Department of Sport and Recreation have provided financial assistance to help ARDL host the Officials Weekend and has funded the training and development of Albany Roller Derby League in 2017.dsr-logo

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