see you March 18!

Albany Roller Derby League is set to take on WA Roller Derby in the first game of 2017 on March 18 at the Albany Leisure and Aquatic Centre, doors open at 6.30 and first whistle is 7pm. The game will be the second time the two teams have faced each other. Last game WARD took the win over Albany at the state tournament in Perth, but on home turf Albany have the advantage.


The crowd feedback from the last game was so impressive and we heard ‘more, more, more’ from the fans in Albany so the League is so excited to bring another game to Albany so early in the year. Captain Splatalie said “the game was amazing last time, with the cheers from the crowd inspiring the team to play harder and hit bigger. We really wanted that win to show Albany what we can do”.


The Great Southern Breakers are the travel team of the league, so the best of the best will line up to play a full hour of jam-packed derby on the track. It is guaranteed to be fast, fresh and full of solid hits and defence. Roller derby is a full contact sport played between 2 teams for 2 half hour periods. The teams each field 5 players and the point scorer wears a star on their helmet. The other players are called blockers and their goal is to stop the opposition while assisting their own jammer. It leads to a skilled and strategic game where play can switch from offense to defence instantly.


Splatalie said “Our best advice for people new to watching derby, pick a player and watch them. Cheer for your team’s jammer getting though the pack of skaters” The league make sure the event is suitable for all people and has a kids table, derbygram and loads of food with the Poolside Café open for business this game as well as Drip Lock doughnuts and a licensed bar trackside. The venue is accessible for wheelchairs and Companion cards are accepted.


Tickets are $12 online at eventbrite or you can grab in store at Stirling Print or Owned. Kids under 10 are free. The last game sold out so punters are advised to get in quick to avoid disappointment.

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