First Bout for ARDL

Margaret River Roller Derby hosted ARDL for their first EVER bout.  It was a fantastic event with energy high and a massive crowd along to cheer for Albany, and maybe a few for Margaret river too.

It was the culmination of over 2 years of hard work from nay ARDL skaters and members.  ARDL follows the WFTDA rules and Minimum Skills,  this has meant to make a team we need all skaters to have passed testing of their skills.  For most people this take roughly one year.  There is often a misconception that people just pop skates on and then they can play, it is a lot more complex than that.  Derby is a great sport because it combines defense and offense into the game at the same time as well as a lot of strategy and physical strength.

Margaret River played beautifully and got the win with over 400 points (403 to be exact) and ARDL racking up 117 points.  There where some great plays and defense played by ARDL, with some solid offense during the second half.  The team worked on some great walls and kept their penalties low throughout the game.  Every player learned something new from playing this bout and we are so keen to play more derby, watch out Boom State Clash!


For more Amazing photographs of the bout see Ishtar Photographic

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