Guest Blog: Fanni Von Trashbag

I’d always wanted to do roller derby and when we moved to Brisbane I found a

team just up the road. The only problem was I couldn’t skate, I’d never played a

sport and I certainly wasn’t coordinated.

I completed a couple of months of learn to skate classes and then I joined

freshmeat with Northern Brisbane Rollers. They were a really big league, they

were amazing and everyone was super friendly and supportive. I loved it and

being based in Brisbane I also got to watch loads of Derby.

Halfway through my first season of fresh meat I started to feel really dizzy and

nauseous on skates…. Jump forward 9 months and we were back in WA with the

addition of baby Vera.

I was thrilled to learn that Albany now had Derby and I was keen to get involved

but I had a newborn, sleep deprivation and no cardio fitness what so ever.

I decided to start skating from Little Grove with Vera in the pram, it was great, we

would do about 4km, stop for a breast feed and soak up some sun and then 4km

back home. Pram skating was a bit of a novelty; people laughed and made

encouraging comments or cheered and beeped from their cars. (At the skating

not the breast feeding in pads and a helmet – although that got some pretty

interesting reactions too!)




Pram skating really helped with my toe stopper work as I constantly hit gravel or

sand. Pushing the pram up hills or against the wind was great cardio and you get

to plough and sometimes knee slide downhill.

I realised pretty quickly that i’d created a monster; Vera aka ‘beelzebubba’ started

to get really bored with regular pram rides and if I dared to slack off and skate too

slowly she’d holler at me to go faster!

She even tries to put on my skates now that she’s almost 2 and loves to sit on my

skateboard and scoot about.

Pram skating is a great way to adjust to outdoor skating. We have now skated all

around Albany, some of Perth and last week we even skated into Bunnings to

pick up a few bits and pieces! In August we will skate Singapore and who know’s

where you’ll see us next….

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