Fresh Meat Rego OPEN

Want to learn how to play roller derby?  Learn to be a Referee?

Albany Roller Derby has two intakes of ‘Fresh Meat’ in a year

What is roller derby?  Watch this

It is a full contact sport, but we don’t throw you into contact on your first night!

We take you through a 12 week program running each Monday and Thursday night from 6-7 pm and teach you all the basics.

After this we can take you through further levels within the league and you can build your skills and knowledge to play roller derby.  The first session will be an off skates ‘Fresh Meat & Greet’ on July 25th and ON skates 28th July.  Buy skates early from places like Lucky Skates or Sydney Derby (you will need a full safety gear before we let you on the track, including a mouth guard)

You can be any size or shape to learn derby, many of our league members have come from a non sporting background before joining derby.

ARDL prides itself on being a welcoming and inclusive league for all genders, sexualities, cultures and religions.

sign up HERE! (rego closes 20th July)

or for more information…..

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