First Black & White scrim kicks off for ARDL

It was a momentous day for ARDL as we kicked off our first ever Black and White scrimmage on Saturday 25th June.  A little over 2 years since the league had it’s first ‘come if you’re interested in playing derby’ meeting.  We had enough volunteers to fill a nearly full roster of NSO’s and Referee’s and two teams (very small teams) of Black V White. A very impressive achievement for our small regional league.  Small leagues often take a lot longer to get rolling (pun intended) as you need a minimum number of skaters, referee and NSO’s to run any real game like scrims.

Nerves and excitement filled the Denmark Recreation Centre with an onlooking crowd of friends and family watching.  There were a few nervous wees and the scrim was on!  With everyone facing back to back jams it was an intense and sometimes very fast game.  Big hits and fast jammers saw a massive explosion of skills from all skaters as they put together all the hard training from the last year or more.  For many this was the first time that had played a full length scrim and for everyone it was the first time ARDL had played ourselves.

This doesn’t happen by itself, we acknowledge the hard work put in by the Head of Training (i.c. Red) and many other members to make this day happen.  We couldn’t have been at this point with out the help of many Australian leagues WA Roller Derby for helping us run the recent NSO and Ref clinic, workshops with SSRD’s Edwards, DPR legends Uni and Rebel, Swan City Derby, Gold City Roller’s April O’Squeal AND WoTS Sid and Mods who came to asses our very first lot of skaters to pass minimum skills. And of course all the members on and off skates who put in the hard work each work on the track.

In the coming months we will have more scrimmages to prepare for playing at Boom State Clash this year as well as playing other leagues, keep your eyes on the Facebook and website.

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