Guest Blog: Rolling Stoney

I think it’s pretty safe to say that Roller Derby has taken over a huge chunk of my life. It’s not like I have ever been a sports person or someone who even leaves the house for reasons other then work or food. So I was surprised at how excited I was when I saw the flyer for the Fresh Meat Info session left innocuously on the coffee table at work. Co-workers and family around me must have thought I had lost my marbles when I said I was thinking about going to the info session, and I got every response from “But isn’t it dangerous?” to “Won’t you get hurt? “ and “Do you even skate?” then “Do you realise how clumsy you are?”

They weren’t wrong! I was already constantly running to things and people and injuring myself in weird and wonderful ways without even being on skates, So how was derby going to be any different? I felt a bit better knowing we would be taught everything from the ground up; I was especially determined to learn how to fall properly, because as I (quite rightfully) guessed, I would be doing a lot of it through the first 12 weeks of fresh meat! I didn’t truly believe that I had any chance of passing the first skills test or ever being a true Roller Derby girl‚ but I was content with the amount of effort I had put in and I’d accepted whatever came next. If I failed, maybe I didn’t need to do roller derby any more…. but I passed! And with that came a rush of validation that I am perfectly capable of doing whatever I want if I try hard enough. That’s new.

Roller derby has given me so many things I didn’t realise I needed – More people to talk to! Physical and mental exercise; something to look forward to a few nights a week. Long term goals to work on! Choosing to join ARDL was one of the best time-investments I have ever made.


Rolling Stoney



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