Fresh Meat Fun Times

6 weeks ago 17 fresh faced eager beavers stepped forward to join ARDL’s Fresh Meat program for 2016.  They are all learning their skills so fast and throwing them selves into the challenge of roller derby.  Most have come from a background of zero skating ability…or haven’t put skates on for many many years.  Each week they train for two hours on skates and each week they push themselves to skate 24 laps in 5 minutes.  All are increasing their speed through strength and skill many have improved their fitness and health in just a few weeks. In a few weeks they will put their skills to the test, literally.  The freshies will go through the Fresh Meat testing of ALL the skills.  If they pass this they will move into our Level 2 group! How exciting!

If you would like to join ARDL’s Fresh Meat program, keep tuned to our socials or email us   Another round of Fresh Meat in July 2016!

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(Photo: Allana Hetherington)

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